Robe BMFL Blade


  • Title

    Multifunctional moving head Profile

  • Light source

    Osram Lok-it! HTI 1700/PS

  • Zoom range

    5° - 55°

  • Features

    40.000 lm at 1.700W
    Dichroic glass refl ector for maximising the light efficiency
    6 x Rotating Glass gobos wheel
    8 x Static Glass gobos wheel
    4 Blades, each with separate movementand rotation control
    Frame movement: Smooth with variable speed, ultrafast blademovements for creating mid-air effects
    90° rotation of complete frame system
    CMY + Linear CTO
    Colour wheel 1 with 6 fi xed dichroic colours
    Aluminium Animation Wheel: used alone or in combination with gobos, rotating in both directions at variable speed

  • Dimension / Weight

    w x H x D: 48 cm x 81 cm x 33 cm – 37.9Kg

Technical Details