Info Progetto

Agenzia: Media Interactive Agency


Client: Infiniti / Dubai

Anno: 2018

Categoria: Car Reveal

Servizi: Video, Light and Audio service

Another amazing event for INFINITI.

GDL were once again selected as the technical partner for Media Interactive Agency.

GDL covered the full technical project that included audio, video, light  & rigging design and installation. In addition to the technical solution GDL designed the automation system that revealed the two Infiniti cars. The structures were pyramid shaped and covered with video projection mapping. The pyramid shaped structures were automated to open upwards revealing the car inside. All video projection, lighting, rigging and audio were synchronized and triggered by Watchout 6. The Event Production was completed with 3d motion graphic content designed and delivered by GDL’s in-house content team.

The two automated pyramid structures were fabricated with aluminium frames and covered with white filled cloth fabric. The structures were remote controlled by 2 kinesys motors that lifted the structure upwards and revealed the Infiniti Q50 & Q60 cars below.

Technical data about this event:

Lighting System
  • 4 ClayPaky Alpha Profile 1.2kW moving head
  • 20ClayPaky AlphaProfile 1.5kW moving head
  • 10 AS700 ClayPaky AlphaSpot 700 HPE moving head
  • 29 ClayPaky Alpha Wash 1.5KW moving head
  • 6 ClayPaky Alpha Wash 700W moving head
  • 24 ClayPaky ALEDA B-EYE K10 moving head Led
  • 40 K10CC ClayPaky ALEDAB-EYE K10CC moving head Led
  • 48 LION LED battery 4x10w RGBW 15°-30°
  • 24 Coemar StripLite Led 24 x 3w 12ª
  • 24 Martin MAC 301 moving head Led 350w
  • 30 ClayPaky Mythos beam moving head
  • 12 ClayPaky Sharpy beam moving head
  • 2 Jem heavy fog machine Glaciator XStream
  • 2 MDG Mdg Atmosphere Co2 smoke machine
  • 1 GrandMa 2 Light control
  • 1 GM2UL GrandMa 2 Ultra Light control
  • 1 GrandMa 2 NPU external channel espansion
  • 1 GMNSP GrandMa NSP2 external channel espansion
Video System
  • 440  cabinet of Acronn Nanocast NC375 Led Module 3.75mm  ( 100 sqm)
  • 10 Panasonic VideoProjector PT-DZ21KE 21.000AL HD
  • 3 Analog Way Ascender 32 Switcher
  • 1 Analog Way Nexstage 16 Switcher
  • 2 Analog Way Saphyr SPX450 Multilayer High Resolution Mixer
  • 1 Analog Way Vertige  Premium Multiscreen Controller
  • 12 Watchout Server Unit 4 output Version 6
  • over 2000 mt of Fiber Optic Signal Cables run in the venue
Audio System
  • 20 D&B Q1 Line Array Speakers
  • 4 D&B Q7  Line Array Speakers
  • 8 D&B QSUB Subwoofer Speaker
  • 1 Midas PRO2 48 channel
  • The system was studied to work on Quadraphonic mode giving to the show and content a special feel.

Fabrication of 2 special structures pyramid shape in alluminium frame and white filled cloth fabric remoted by 2 kinesys motors to lift them up and reveal the cars.