Analog Way Aquilon RS6

Aquilon RS6 รจ un multi-screen presentation system 4K/8K/16K e un processore videowall con 32 ingressi 4K e 20 uscite 4K, che offre esperienze di presentazione senza compromessi per grandi eventi e system integration.


  • Ultra-low Latency 10 and 12-bit Processing

    Based on Analog Way exclusive 5th generation scaling engine
    Extremely low latency, as low as 1 frame in proper configuration
    120 Megapixels throughput at 10 bits 4:4:4 @60Hz on Program, without restricting Preview or Multiviewer

  • Creative Display Configurations

    Supports any combination of single-screen or widescreen applications
    Ability to place the program outputs anywhere on an almost limitless video canvas space for special LED wall applications

Technical Details